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Nic Salt Tribeca

1,599.00 inc. of all taxes

Flavor : A renowned e-liquid that stands alone among all others, Tribeca has set the industry standard with the flavor of smooth, transcendent tobacco harmoniously blended with the perfect hint of vanilla and caramel to generate an exquisite, sweet finish.

Size : 30ml

VG/PG : 50/50


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1 review for Nic Salt Tribeca

  1. saumilkorgaonkar

    Dear Readers,
    I would like to share my overall experience with Halo Tribeca Salt (35MG) and Akdistro.
    I am using Renova Zero & Aurora Play as my current setup.
    Tried 8+ Nic Salt Brand Companies, so I know what I am writing here.
    Besides, I do not write for monetary benefit, but I am sure to help out few peeps out there.

    Seller Experience:
    I wanted to pick up Halo Tribeca urgently as not many sellers have it and those who have it are running out of stock too soon.
    I came across this site, got the phone number and pinged him (Ahad Sir)
    Response was friendly, prompt and shipped the product in less than 30 Mins ! (Simply Awesome)
    We talked a lot regarding different pod systems, flavours, general reviews. I admire his knowledge and taste besides professionalism.
    He replied sharing images of stock based on my requirement (Pretty neat since as a customer you would like to see what all options are available)
    Less than 24 Hours, shipment had reached my area warehouse but since it was Sunday, could not be delivered hence arrived on Monday.

    Coming to the Flavour,
    I use a new pod for each new flavour (Yeah it gets expensive, but you get the flavour as ‘intended’.
    Upon pull, the mouth covers light tobacco followed by caramel with hint of vanilla covering your throat. The exhale feels smooth combined taste which keeps lingering your taste-buds.
    Oh & Yes, this is leagues apart from the NKD 100 American Patriots.
    I will definitely pick another Tribeca (50 MG) as a variety and will give the other Halo products a shot this time.
    Probably my brand and distributor search ENDS here.
    Blindly Recommended to new buyers.

    Keep Rocking Ahad. Cheers 🙂

    • Admin

      Your feedback is greatly appreciated sire, glad we could serve you. Wish to see you again, Happy Vaping.. 🙂

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