Vape Boss – Sample Pack

500.00 inc. of all taxes

Flavor : The Good :- A glass of chilled mocktail made from passion fruit, orange, mango with a dash of lemon for that subtle zing. This one should remind you of a mellow summery mocktail to keep it cool when the heat is on!

The Bad :- To wake your senses up we blended some coffee with a biscuit and for good measure threw in some sweet tobacco to round it off, it’s so bad you’ll vape on it for good!

& The Ugly :- Take a bowl put some pound cake and crumble it in, throw in a couple of scoops of vanilla bean ice cream then and some sugar glazed banana now mash it up till it looks horrible now chop some mixed nuts and sprinkle on top after doing all that turn away pick up your device and vape on some “& the ugly”…!

Size : 15ml x 3.

VG/PG : 70/30

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